How to play bandar judi online without losing everything

You can find hundreds of different online casinos on the Internet. And 90% of them, without exaggeration, are dubious establishments. You can’t win at these online casinos, or you won’t be allowed to withdraw your winnings. Owners of such establishments allow partners to use black methods to attract traffic: spam, various betting schemes, fake streams on wrappers, and much more. So, the first rule is: if you see a flashy ad for another gambling house, do not rush to register immediately. Enter the name of bandar judi online in the search and carefully read the reviews.

Reviews should not be found on websites (where articles are written to order with partner links), but on specialized forums. It is quite possible to find them (TTR blog about casinos, forum of gamblers, casino forum, etc.). Second, evaluate the period of operation of online casinos. For example, a new restaurant opened, and the owners may have wanted to work honestly. But when they can’t stand the competition and have low traffic, they switch to standard schemes: to throw players and not pay out winnings. Therefore, ideally, the casino should work for a long time and have a reputation.

Conclusions: if you are not lazy and study the reviews and material on the houses of excitement, it is possible to keep a small chance of winning by registering in honest and proven agen judi online terpercaya di Indonesia. If you do not follow the above rules, you run a high risk of running into fraudsters and being left penniless.

Let’s show you clearly with a few examples

  1. The player made a deposit of $ 1,000 and activated 20 free spins with a bet of $ 20 per spin. I started playing and won $ 5,000 with free spins. The player has $ 6000 on his account, he tries to withdraw them, but receives a message that he needs to play a wager for a win from free spins equal to $ X20. So, 5 000 multiplied by 20 is 100,000 dollars. So the player has 6000 dollars on his account, but if you want to withdraw them, you need to place bets in slots for a total of 100k dollars. Next, we have a standard situation, the player tries to win back the wager and drains the entire balance.
  2. The player made a deposit of $ 1000, refused free spins and started playing on their own. He won $ 6,000. The wager does not need to be played back, it calmly outputs them to your account. Almost all online casinos offer deposit bonuses. What does it mean? The player deposits money to the account, and the casino gives him additional bonus money depending on the conditions (100, 150, 200, 300 percent on the deposit, etc.). The highest wagers and restrictions apply here. Let’s look at an example. The player deposited $ 1000 to the account and activated the non-deposit bonus. He was credited an additional $ 2,000. and his balance became 3000 dollars. He wins 10,000 dollars and wants to withdraw it. But you cannot withdraw because according to the rules, the player must win back the wager X30 bonus + deposit. 3 000 USD multiplied by 30 is $ 90,000. That is, the player needs to place bets on 90k dollars, and only then can he withdraw money from the balance to his account. Then everything is standard, the player tries to win back the wager and drains the entire balance.


As you can see from the examples, when activating free spins and deposit bonuses, players reduce the already low chances of a positive balance and withdrawal of money. Never take free spins and bonuses, this is just a clever trick of online casinos to squeeze money. Age and identification all gambling establishments do not allow minors to play. Moreover, when withdrawing money, you will most likely need to send a document confirming your identity. Therefore, if you are not 18 years old, you should not play, you will not get money for sure. Identification is a mandatory attribute of a real casino. They may require a passport, a photo of the person with the passport, or pass video identification. If you are not ready to send your personal data to an unknown site, it is not worth playing, and you will not get any money.

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