Strategy in judi online games — what is the point?

What is a strategy or game system?

A game strategy is a certain set of bets (or actions) of a fixed value, which in theory should lead to an advantage over an online casino. Based on this term, many go further and talk about earning money that a player can get.

As we can see from the definition, we are talking about getting an advantage over a gambling establishment, this means that our return (payout) must be higher than ≥100%, although it must not be equal, otherwise it is a break-even point.

Working strategy:

  • Payment (return) ≥100% ,
  • If the return is equal to 100%, then we are talking about break-even.

Let’s sum up judi online strategies, or rather what types of strategies there are:

Working strategy, payout is greater than 100% or advantage over the casino

Non-working strategy, payout is less than 100% or advantage over the player

The strategy is break-even if the payout is 100%, no one will lose

If all this is translated into probabilities, then the working strategy should give a probability of winning >50%. For example, 51% means that the player should win 51 out of 100 rounds of the game. Of course, this is all not precise, but you should keep this in mind.

Strategies are not suitable for earning money

In general, the idea that you can earn money for a living in an online casino should be forgotten immediately and for life! No one wants to lose money, which means that you will not be able to win on a permanent basis.

And here we are talking about the Martingale strategy

If you are looking for a proof that strategies cannot make a profit very easily, just watch the game roulette, which invented 0 (zero), created to increase the advantage over the player. In European roulette, which is considered the most profitable, the advantage of the casino over the player on average is ~2.7% and you need to be a casino owner to overcome even this percentage.

I have only witnessed situations when it was a maximum of a break-even strategy, and then with a great stretch and with a bunch of conditions that are almost impossible to implement. Practice can often give us surprises that make it impossible to execute systems and strategies.

How strategies can be useful

If we accept as a fact that strategies can’t work, i.e. give an advantage to the player over the casino, then the main meaning of all strategies, even the most successful ones, turns into minimizing losses from entertainment in online casinos. Of course, this all works for a long time, i.e. in some sessions of games you can easily get benefit and even get solid winnings, but at a large time interval, the player will either balance at zero, or be in the minus, depending on the selected game and the advantage of the casino over the player who is installed in this game.

Thus, you can safely put an end to this issue and remember that you will not be able to use strategies to earn quick money.

Conclusion on strategies

In general, the question of strategies and systems is constantly raised, especially among casino players and traders on the stock exchanges. There, these systems allow you to hedge risks or reduce the risk of losses. In online casinos, strategies are designed to minimize the advantage over the player, so that you do not lose the deposit quickly, but have time to enjoy all the delights of playing for money.

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